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What is SEO?

Definition of SEO and search engine optimization techniques

SEO means Search Engine Optimization, and it is made up of a series of techniques and tools that facilitate a better positioning of a web page in search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Why it is interesting for a company to have a good search engine positioning

Carrying out SEO is investing in the attainment of clients. A good positioning in search engines will guarantee us quality traffic for our business, since we will be receiving visits from people interested in the product or service that we sell, since they have searched for it on the Internet. He is a client predisposed to receive information, to the point that he is the one who requests it. It is the dream business contact because we are attracting, thanks to the use of SEO tools and techniques, a potential buyer.

Depending on the investment we make, we will be able to reach the top positions more quickly. A company that is dedicated to the sale of herbal teas at retail would be wrong to focus its efforts on improving search engine positioning. To ensure results it is necessary to make a minimum investment of around 200 euros. This infusion company will surely achieve, with the application of the appropriate SEO techniques, commercial contacts and orders, but the value of its product and the net profit would be less profitable than, for example, a dental clinic. This type of establishment, on the other hand, can generate clients who will invest an amount of money in your clinic that will more than compensate for the 200 euros per month.

Another advantage of SEO is the possibility of competing with companies that have been in the market for longer or are larger. The achievement of new contracts and sales is multiplied by figures that vary between five and ten, depending on the sector in which we find ourselves. This means that if a company is positioned on the first page, it will have between five and ten more possibilities than those other companies that are not in this place.

SEO tools

There are many tools that help us to know the search engine positioning of a page or online business.

Google Analytics: it is the most used free traffic evaluator. The simple implementation of a tracking code will allow you to obtain, free of charge, endless data on how, when and how many users browse my website.

Webmaster Tools: a tool that serves, fundamentally, to verify that a website is optimal to be tracked by Google. Here we can find information on those parameters that the reference web search engine considers relevant to improve positioning, so that, by monitoring these and controlling their status, we will be favoring better SEO.

Bing Webmaster Tools: Similar to the previous one, but focused on another reference search engine, Bing. In general terms, the techniques to position yourself in Google, Bing or Yahoo are very similar, although it never hurts to check the status of the page in the eyes of other webmaster tools.

Sitemap XML Generator: An SEO tool that will allow you to create an XML sitemap file. This file makes it easier for Google spiders to read our website. And everything that makes it easier for Google to track it will give us points to be higher.

Adwords keyword tools: to achieve good web positioning it is necessary to have a good content strategy that allows us to generate quality and original texts. This is highly valued in a good SEO strategy. With the adwords keyword tool we will get ideas on which keywords to work on, simply by including the service or product we are selling.

Google Trends: In the previous line, Google Trends is an important SEO tool, as it helps us discover trends that users are looking for in relation to the product or service that we sell. It will help us create new content that users are already looking for or will soon be looking for on the Internet, so that we can stay ahead of competitors by capturing and marketing new trends that users demand.

Woorank: it is a portal that performs a basic diagnosis of the SEO health of our website. It is an initial approach that will help us to know what aspects of a website we need to address more urgently, with the ultimate goal of improving positioning as soon as possible. It allows us to carry out an SEO audit of a certain quality and at zero cost.

Ahrefs links: as you may have heard on many occasions, the links that link to a web page are essential in a good search engine positioning strategy. Google knows that SEO consultants know the importance of this resource, so it has become serious. It highly values ‚Äč‚Äčthat the links that enter a web page are ‘natural’ and not artificial, for which it penalizes this type of technique.

SERP checker: web that allows you to measure in a matter of seconds the real position of a web page and of the competition based on certain keywords. Intuitive and simple. Practical to assess search engine positioning without the ‘contamination’ of the usage trends of a specific Google user.

SEO techniques

There are three fundamental legs of a good SEO strategy:

  • contents
  • reputation through links
  • friendly technology with search engine crawling spiders: responsive and friendly codes

An SEO consultant capable of mastering these techniques will achieve results and move up positions in search engines, without the need to use SEO techniques prohibited by Google, which may offer a short-term result, but in the long run will cause more headaches than anything else.

SEO content

Content is king. Phrase repeated ad nauseam by Google and the rest of search engines. The originality, creativity and quality of the texts are valued, as well as their accompanying images that illustrate and are well labeled. Carrying out a good study of keywords and creating a content strategy for the website and the blog around them is one of the positioning strategies that will lead us to success. In addition, this quality content will facilitate the achievement of the second technique or objective: link building.

Achievement of links

Search engines determine, to a large extent, the positioning of a website based on the number of references that a page has from others. The reputation of a website is built based on the references that other important pages make of ours, hence it is important that there are links to our portal. But these have to be of quality and created naturally. What better way to achieve this than by creating content on our page so good that it is irresistible for other users to share and mention it?

Technical aspects

Mobile usability, through the use of responsive techniques, as well as the use of codes close to javascript and far from flash and iframes, will facilitate tracking for robots and navigation for users. Parameters that search engines establish as basic for a good positioning.