Notable SERP changes

Notable SERP Changes for 2023

We have just a few months until the end of the year. And we’re seeing some SERP changes that will impact the rest of 2022 and beyond. Here are some of the biggest shifts that have happened so far, plus an outlook on what we can expect from Google in 2023.

Featured snippet SERP layouts

As you’re probably aware, featured snippets have become more and more common on Google SERPs in recent years. They are now found in more places than ever. And they seem to get bigger, longer, and more complex as time passes. There are many reasons why this could happen, but it may just be that Google is trying to provide users with the best answers possible.

While the original intention of featured snippets was to provide quick answers from a page in your results, it can often be difficult for users if you don’t provide a solution that satisfies their query fully or provides enough detail about your content for them to read further (such as our overviews).

The rise of E.A.T. & YMYL results

What is E.A.T.?

E.A.T. stands for “Expertise, Authority, and Trust,” which is how Google determines the quality of a website’s content and its overall authority in a given niche. The more authoritative your website is on a topic, the higher you will rank for related keywords.

What is YMYL?

YMYL stands for “Your Money or Your Life.” YMYL results are websites that provide personal advice and product recommendations based on user preferences, location, and browsing history. These types of results hold greater weight in search queries due to their relevance to users’ intent and can lead directly to conversions if they’re properly optimized (e.g., an Amazon page).

Google Answers as a featured snippet

If you are looking for the answer to a legal question, such as “how much is car insurance?” or “who can sign a contract?” you may see Google Answers results in your search results.

The answers on Google Answers were provided by real people and were often paid for by lawyers who wanted to help other lawyers with their cases.

These days, many of these questions are answered on Wikipedia or other sites that offer some Q&A service where users can directly ask questions and receive answers from others in their community or an expert with expertise in that area.

Traditional scrolling SERPs are disappearing

In the next few months, Google will be removing the right rail and top bar from SERPs. This means you won’t see tabs on top of search results anymore, nor will you see the “Google Search” banner at the top of the page. The bottom bar is also getting cut off in favor of a single-column SERP experience.

It’s unclear if this change will affect all countries or just specific ones, but it looks like Google wants to ensure that users can easily find what they want without having to scroll down through multiple sections or jump from one tab to another.

Google My Business listings are everywhere

With Google My Business listings becoming more visible in the SERPs. This means that you can obtain more organic traffic from these listings. It’s no longer just a matter of having one or two G.M.B.s. Your business should have at least 10 to 15 G.M.B.s across different cities and countries.

This is especially important for local SEO because it gives you access to additional opportunities to boost your business. Optimizing and boosting the visibility of your G.M.B. listing can increase its position on Google’s first page and attract more users looking for local businesses like yours.

To optimize your G.M.B. listing:

  • Update information about your business, such as address details and phone numbers
  • Add photos of products or services offered by your company (if applicable)

People Also Ask is taking a bigger role in search results

People Also Ask is a new feature and one of the freshest SERP changes. It shows additional questions related to the search query, which is an extension of the “Related Questions” feature. The goal is to provide more information to users and give them more options for their searches.


Google SERP changes are a big deal. They can impact your ability to rank well for certain keywords and change how users interact with search results. The best thing you can do is stay on top of these trends so that you’re prepared when they come around again!