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Metaverse Marketing and the Future of the Internet

The Internet is constantly growing and evolving. 30 years ago, when the Internet was still young, it was viewed as a fad, a new toy for the young ‘uns to play with. Nowadays, however, it’s a necessary accomplice to every business venture under the sun. 

But what happens when we go even further beyond? 

The word “metaverse” is gaining popularity fast. By rebranding his brand as Meta, Mark Zuckerberg has issued a statement: evolution is inevitable, the metaverse is coming. How will this evolution impact the future of the internet, and, more precisely, how will it impact marketing? Let’s find out! 

Becoming One With the Crowd

First, let’s answer this question – what is a metaverse?

Well, the way Zuckerberg and other proponents of the technology describe it, a mateverse is nothing short of the Matrix. 

Literally! The founder of Facebook believes that, through AR and VR technology, he will be able to blend the real world with the internet, creating an online experience that not only faithfully copies the real world, but becomes a real world of its own. 

Needless to say, this is a major advantage for marketers. For years, marketers across industries have been working hard to devise new ways to connect with their audience. Being transparent and approachable is considered one of the most important steps in establishing a worldly brand, and a metaverse will enable them to do just that.

Powered by the technologies available in the metaverse, the marketers of the future will be able to create the ultimate personalized experience, tailored to every individual customer. 

Social Media – the Ultimate Tool

Ever since social media appeared on the Internet as a fully-fledged concept, brands have recognized it as a powerful marketing platform. The sheer impact social media has and the sheer influence influencers exert online makes social media a must-have tool in a brand’s marketing arsenal.

This makes social media even more powerful in the context of the metaverse. With the ability to connect with people on a personal level, brands will now use social media to create such personalized experiences as you’ve never seen before. Ads in your social feed will become even smarter and more interactive, and people will be able to reach out and get a response from their brands’ representatives in real-time.

In essence, all this leads back to our previous point – all this personalization allows the brand to not only talk to the crowd, it allows them to become one with the crowd. 

SEO of the Future

Just like social media, search engine optimization is a major factor when calculating any brand’s success. Without these two factors providing the necessary exposure, businesses cannot create new leads, convert them into customers and profit. 

With that said, the SEO of the future will have to make a right turn in order to remain relevant. New techniques and new strategies will have to emerge to make use of advanced AI, VR and AR technologies present within the metaverse. 

All this considered, some marketers are striving to be ahead of the curve, though. ITW provides unmatched web design in Toronto area, and they’re heavily looking into the new technologies emerging every day to ensure that they stay atop their game when the metaverse finally rolls in.

Final Thoughts 

In the end, all that’s left to say is that, while the metaverse, as described by Zuckerberg and his peers, is still a long ways away, the odds are stacked in their favor with new emerging technologies, and it’s not too early to start optimizing your marketing strategy for that eventuality.