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Logo Design Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These 5 Tips

If you’re starting a new business, you’re probably in need of a logo. Don’t Stress! Logo design is a fun and exciting journey. Here at Creato, we should know, we’ve designed hundreds of logos for companies all around the world. Here are 5 tips to ensure your logo looks professional and suits your business meticulously.

Less is more

Using simple shapes and colors makes it easier for viewers to remember your logo. If you want to create a strong visual impression the secret is to use form & negative space in a positive way. Think about the arrow hidden in the negative space of the FedEx logo. It is this simplicity that lets the logo be flexible and distinct when combined with design elements on the web, products or print.

Color psychology

Colors must be picked carefully to improve particular logo elements, instill emotions, and bring nuance to the message you want to spread about your business. This is something Instagram did extremely well in their recent logo redesign. Generally, bold and bright colors are attention-grabbing, yet may appear brash. Muted tones convey a much more sophisticated image, yet run the risk of being low-key. Blue is the most popular color featured in logos.


Finding the most ideal font for your logo design revolves around matching the typography to the symbol’s style. However, this can be complicated. If the match is seamless, the font and icon will complement each other meticulously. But, if the font and the icon do not match perfectly, your viewers will not know where to focus their attention. Therefore, the key is to search for the perfect balance.

Avoid clichés

To set your logo apart from others, you should always avoid the obvious. A cliché in a logo design context is an image that was memorable at one point, however, has been very overused and has subsequently lost its ability to impress an audience. Obvious designs are the equivalent to junk foods- they are available in almost any place and don’t leave any positive impact.

Target Audience

Determine the group of people who are most likely to purchase your products and services. After that, design your logo in accordance with this targeted audience. Always refer back to this step throughout your entire design process to ensure you’re sticking to the brief. When determining your target audience, you should consider demographic information and psychographic information. Demographic information includes gender, age, ethnic background, income, marital status, location, and many more. Psychographic information, on the other hand, includes hobbies, interests, values, lifestyles, attitudes, behaviors, and so on.


This article was originally posted on Entrepreneur.