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Increase Interactions On Instagram And Improve Your Account With These Tricks

Beyond the number of followers and the visits we receive on our Instagram profile, if your goal is to make it grow and evolve, you must bet on the ‘engagement’ you generate in your community. We are talking about all those interactions through ‘likes’, mentions, saved posts, ‘hashtags’ and endless options that this application offers us and that it is important to have monitored to know if we are in tune with your audience or not. The possibility of displaying images and videos in an attractive way makes Instagram the perfect showcase to reach a larger audience. Although it is of little use to have a presence on this social network and achieve a community of followers, if you cannot achieve their commitment: the long-awaited ‘engagement’.

For this reason, we offer you simple and effective strategies that you can implement to connect with your audience and get them to interact with your publications. Something not trivial if what you want is to get the most out of your publications without having to invest a single euro.

Strategies to get the most out of your IG

Knowing the demographic data of your followers will help you to know your community better, to define the type of content to publish, the tone and the publication calendar, that is, the best days and times to make them. Being spontaneous and honest is the best on social media. Tell real, close stories that connect with your audience. Not everything can be perfect, since life is not. Post photos of something that has gone wrong or when you are sad as that empathizes with people.

The more you publish, the more opportunities your followers will have to interact with your content, but don’t overdo it either, because a little is boring and a lot is tiring. Organize yourself and think carefully about the days (it is not the same to publish a day during the week, than a holiday or to do it on the weekend) and the times in which you are going to share your content. Be strategic with the hashtags (never more than 11) that you are going to use and thus be able to better reach a specific community or sector.

Obviously, your content has to be of quality. Take care of the photo caption of your publications, since they give the context of what you want to tell and make your personality known. The quality of your images is essential, but posting video content, such as ordinary, everyday scenes from your day-to-day life, can give you up to 38% more engagement than photos. It is what most likes and hooks the followers. And of course, don’t forget about Instagram Stories, which has become the cornerstone of the app.

Another way to grow exponentially on the Facebook social network is to organize live streams, as this is a time when you can create a unique bond with your followers, greeting them by name and answering their questions. Likewise, you can do surveys, questions, even raffles or contests and your content will allow the audience to participate, be active and get to know you better. But do not forget that there is ‘feedback’. Respond to questions and comments and show your followers that their opinion counts.