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How to Use Twitter Analytics to Your Advantage

Twitter has been a staple in social media for nearly 20 years, and it’s still a great way to connect with your audience. However, many people overlook all of Twitter’s features, including analytics. In this article, we’ll go through some ways you can use Twitter Analytics to understand your audience better and improve your engagement on the platform.

Find your most popular tweets

You’ll need to be on the “Tweets” tab to see your most popular tweets.

Once there, select a date range from the drop-down menu and click “View.” This will show an easily accessible list of all tweets made in that time period. If you want to view one specific tweet rather than just looking at the overall list, click on its title in this box and click “View” once again.

Identify and connect with your most engaged followers

If you’re using Twitter Analytics, you can see the people who follow you and interact with your tweets in multiple ways. You can look at their profiles, see what they tweet about and how often they tweet and identify those engaging with @replies (replies within tweets) and those who retweet or mention your account (mentions are also within tweets).

Using these metrics to identify highly engaged followers is especially helpful when looking at accounts that aren’t following back. For example: Let’s say someone follows me on Twitter but doesn’t engage with anything I’ve ever tweeted. Maybe this person wants to keep tabs on what I’m doing—maybe they’re an avid follower of my work and want to know if I’m posting something new—and perhaps they will become interested in what I’m tweeting once they start seeing some content from me!

Know when your audience is online

Twitter Analytics is an invaluable tool for understanding your audience. Knowing when your audience is online will help you tweet at the right time and could also drive you to get creative with your content or engage in different ways.

Use data from Twitter Analytics to create an editorial calendar of tweets that appeal directly to each segment of your audience throughout the day and week. This will allow you to reach as many people as possible while still catering specifically to their needs and interests.

Run contests based on time zones so that everyone has a chance at winning something special! You can also run promotions when nobody’s working, so they’ll have more time available—but be careful not to be spammy!

See who you’re engaging with the most

You can view the accounts your followers interact with the most and find out which of your tweets is most effective.

To see who your followers engage with the most, go to your Twitter analytics page and select “Engagement” from the menu on the left-hand side of the screen. This will show you a list of all users whom others have interacted with on Twitter using Retweets, likes, or favorites and mentioning them in tweets or DM’s (private messages). You can also see how many times an account was mentioned in other people’s tweets by clicking on their name and looking at their profile page to see how many times they’ve been replied to or mentioned elsewhere online.

See what other accounts your followers interact with

You can also see what accounts your followers interact with. This is an excellent way to get an idea of who your audience likes and dislikes and what topics they like to read about.

In my case, I saw that I had more than a few people who were interacting with @paulmccartney, @GirlWithNoJob (a popular Instagram model), and @awkward_moments (a Twitter account dedicated to awkward moments).


Twitter is much more than just a social media platform. To an extent, Twitter Analytics is a powerful tool that can help you identify the best times to post, find your most engaged followers, and get more out of your Twitter experience. You can also use it to measure your tweets’ impact, which may be helpful for measuring ROI on a particular campaign or initiative. Twitter’s data is useful for more than just analyzing trends. It also gives you insight into how people interact in real-time!

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