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How Does Social Media Marketing Work?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the process of generating traffic to your website, branding or reaching your customers by taking advantage of Digital Marketing and Social Network strategies.

Social Media Marketing uses Marketing strategies, adapts them to the new social channels and new types of consumers found in these channels and behaves in a very different way from the traditional customer.

Thanks to SMM, seeking the interest of consumers is important, because we can translate it into purchasing behavior.
To make a perfect Social Media Marketing strategy we must carry out strategies such as:

  • Passive Approach: Take advantage of and analyze user comments and interactions for commercial purposes in different profiles, social media being a source of economic information that allows finding possible market problems or opportunities.
  • Active Approach: Social media can be used not only as direct marketing or public relations tools but also as communication channels and where you can find very specific audiences.
  • Social Ads: use the information that can be obtained about the interests of potential customers, through advertising investments in Social Networks.

Advantages Of Social Media Marketing

The advantages that you will obtain when carrying out this marketing strategy can be summarized as follows:

You will achieve greater differentiation with respect to your biggest competitors. By working your brand from a more social and human side, you add value to society.

You will give a more supportive and responsible image. Users will perceive that, in addition to the balance sheets and the income statement, you also care about the society in which we live.

You will achieve a better positioning, since the impact on social networks and media is very broad.

Fundamental Factors Of Social Media Marketing

Of course, an effective strategy in social networks entails focusing on three fundamental elements before considering how to carry out a social media marketing campaign. The first thing is to know who the campaign is directed towards. Later we have to select the most appropriate social networks to transmit the message. The initial purpose can change depending on the response and the link with the target audience.

Target audiences

In social media marketing, we must prioritize who is our target audience or ideal client, what does he do? What does he do? What are his pain points? The study, the more complete the better, will help us determine what type of quality content, ads and creative we can attract your interest. This will also reveal which social networks will be used to channel everything.

Choose networks and channels

Twitter is not the same as Pinterest, and the advertising shown on Instagram is not constructed in the same way as the one we are going to propose for Facebook Ads. To do inbound marketing, you also have to understand each social network in its own environment and with its particularities. Evaluate which of all of them is more appropriate for the type of advertising that we are going to carry out.

Understand our goals

Before deciding which plan we are going to use, we must define some objectives aligned with the business strategy. Reinforce our image, create a community, increase sales, etc. Networks serve to stimulate direct sales, but we cannot expect to sell if we do not inspire trust or are not known. Everything has an order to establish contact with potential customers.

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