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Digital marketing trends in 2022

In the world of Digital Marketer, and not only, great attention is paid to digital trends, that is to say what will be the most important phenomena of the coming years, in part to keep up with the times and in part to structure a strategic vision that takes into account of the changes taking place in the market.

With the increasingly massive use of the internet, search engine optimization plays a significant role for companies and professionals who want to answer the questions of their audience.

According to Semrush in 2022 we can expect a series of digital trends that have started to show themselves since last year, in fact, as happens for real trends and not for “passing fads”, the trends develop over time and last for several years.


In recent years we have witnessed several privacy scandals, the first one that hit Facebook with Cambridge Analytica in which the problem of sharing data with other platforms was raised.

After this, a number of large companies have chosen to treat data differently, thus forcing the various applications to be more transparent about data monitoring as happened for Apple.

Apple’s change had a big impact on the markets, so much so that some social networks like Snapchat have lost several percentages of share value.

Basically this for marketers means having less data available and returning more to a humanized relationship with their customers, then using tools such as surveys and one-to-one interviews to better understand their audience.

Social media

According to data from October 2021, another popular social network is gaining momentum, we are talking about TikTok. According to Statista forecasts, TikTok will exceed 1.5 billion users in 2022, making it the third most popular social media platform.

A myth debunked by the BBC is that related to attention, in fact it is not really true that people have a shorter attention span than a goldfish, in fact if you manage to capture the attention of all teeth they will follow you until the end of the year. your content.

Another trend is that of the expansion of the gaming industry, which is why the Twitch platform that mainly hosts gamers is growing steadily. The live streaming platform now has more than 1 billion monthly visitors according to Semrush estimates.

The humanization of companies

This is not a trend of 2022, but rather a trend of the last 10 years that continues to be there and will likely be for as long as possible.

It is not enough to have a great product to sell, but it is essential that your brand represents the values ​​of your company. This is why, regardless of the advantages you offer with your products, your communication must be “human”.

This concept became even stronger during the pandemic, when the social aspect was somehow lacking.

Conscious marketing

Conscious marketing is the type of marketing that actually embraces multiple concepts / trends of recent years such as consumer awareness of sustainable products, transparency and corporate inclusion.

The metaverse

The positioning of the brand in virtual worlds is now a reality and represents a good part of the marketing of the future, which is why the advice is to start discovering the world of the Metaverse.

Different brands, personalities and even governments are entering the virtual world to make their communication efforts even more massive.

This will probably also lead to a 3D version of the websites, a real immersion inside a virtual store that will offer the user a 360 ° experience.


These digital trends help us understand the direction to take and at the same time evaluate new paths that until now we had not considered.

Observing the markets, understanding the trends that are developing and trying new paths is what makes a Digital Marketer a good Digital Marketer.

In this way the future will be less worrying because it is less difficult to understand.