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Custom Web Pages Or Standard Web Development: How To Choose The Best Alternative

Currently, internet access is essential to stay connected and many entrepreneurs take advantage of its versatility to create custom web pages or opt for standard web development.

What are your goals and online goals

Before starting a web project, it is essential that you take into consideration your objectives, goals, business requirements, available systems, marketing and other elements that define your needs; In addition to the different web development options, because with them you will have at your fingertips all the essential tools to enhance your website.

To achieve your goals you can choose different alternatives. Among them, use a standard website or decide on one tailored to your needs, completely personalized according to your needs, so that it meets the objectives you have set for yourself and has the necessary scope to reach the largest possible number of users.

What is the difference between a standard website and a custom one?

To understand the dynamics of these two web alternatives, it is important that you know how to identify their advantages or disadvantages, as the case may be. In this article, Doowebs, the web design company, gives us the keys to choosing the alternative that meets our expectations and represents, in this case, the best option.

Standard web development

Usually identified by the standard CMS name, it is a special content management software for web pages that can be managed by different types of users, since it has a series of predetermined functions and includes a simple and versatile interface.

However, its customization is somewhat limited, which makes it difficult to adapt it to the special requirements that are essential to fulfill the objectives that some Internet users want to achieve.


  • It allows you to create pages of your online site through its predefined techniques.
  • Use famous CMS tools, such as Joomla, WordPress, Prestashop, Shopify and more.
  • You can adapt the contents to publicize the image of your organization through them, based on the default designs of their web templates.
  • You have the ability to make a number of changes, but customization is extremely limited.

Standard web developments are usually ideal for small or medium-sized companies that want to take their first steps on the internet, to achieve a certain presence without investing large sums of money.

Custom website

It is a CMS or Content Management System whose functions are created practically on the fly; contains open source libraries created by computer professionals in order to be used by other users, thus optimizing their web development.

It should be noted that this influences both the UI/UX graphics design of your page and the programming of each of its functions; You can also adapt your brand image and content to reach a greater number of users.

Special performance and integration techniques are used to create this type of page. Business resource planning or ERP is applied and all kinds of digital strategies are used, both CRM and SEO, as well as many others, adapting them to the scope and versatility of social networks.


With the implementation of custom web development, you can make a difference online and enjoy the following:

  • Greater level of coverage and positioning within the market, with a different presence from that of your competition.
  • A remarkable, specific and personalized web design and brand based on your interests.
  • Processes and functions that adapt to the specific requirements of your organization.
  • Taking advantage of digital tools, to add value to your brand and to all customers who want to enjoy it.

Although by using either of these two alternatives you will be able to benefit from many tools and you will even find adaptable web templates, if you want your project to stand out above many others, it is recommended that you opt for a personalized or tailored page, since it is ideal if you want have a special website for a particular project.

At this point, you may already know what type of website is right for you. Remember that you should always look for an online site that is geared towards meeting your goals, such as the sale of products or services. In that sense, your strategies must also be reflected in this web platform, so that you can rapidly increase the number of users.

If you are still not sure if you need a custom web page or a standard web development, think that through a personalized development you will have flexibility, since it is a scalable model that you create to your liking, providing it with all those elements that will enhance your brand, among many other advantages.

Although it is true that there will be cases in which a standard website can be a profitable solution, custom developments usually have a higher cost that is more than compensated in the long run, when you start to grow rapidly in the online world.