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5 Best WordPress LMS Plugins Compared

Various learning management systems are available in the market, but this article will focus on WordPress Learning Management Systems (WLMS). In this comparison, we will compare 5 of the best WordPress LMS plugins (Learning Management System plugins). 


Learndash is a WordPress learning management system (LMS) plugin that allows you to create online courses, quizzes, and assessments for your website. The course builder is easy to use, providing a drag-and-drop interface for creating courses.

Learndash has been around since 2014 and has been used by more than 30k+ websites worldwide. The learning platform was launched by Josh Pigford & Jeremy Wilcox, also founders of WP Curve (a successful premium WordPress theme shop). Learndash currently offers three plans: free starter plan ($0), pro ($19/month), or enterprise ($99/month).


LearnPress is one of the comprehensive LMS plugins allowing you to build and sell courses online. It comes with several features, including:

  • Course creation tool
  • Course management system (CMS) with drag-and-drop functionality
  • Enhanced statistics tracking for your courses

LearnPress also integrates with other popular WordPress plugins like WooCommerce, Gravity Forms, and Contact Form 7. This makes it easy for you to add eCommerce functionality or create contact forms for course signups or payments. Additionally, LearnPress supports over 100 languages out of the box, so if you want to translate your content into another language, then this might be the best choice for you!

Woothemes LearnDash

Woothemes LearnDash is a great plugin for creating an online learning platform. It’s compatible with WooCommerce, has a lot of features, and is easy to use.

The free version comes with all the basic features you need for your LMS: courses, quizzes, tests, and certificate printing. You can add more advanced tools like progress charts and grade books on top of that if needed.

BigClown LMS

BigClown LMS is a complete learning management system that integrates with WordPress. It’s a premium plugin but comes with all the features you need to build an effective LMS.

BigClown LMS is feature-rich and fully customizable. You can easily add courses, quizzes, exams, and more to your website using a drag-and-drop interface or visual composer builder. The plugin also offers many other options like course page layout control; course import/export function; multiple languages support; payment gateway integration; custom user roles; different types of notifications etc…

Kallyas LMS

Kallyas LMS is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create courses, add quizzes and assessments, and track your student’s progress. It’s free to use with no limits on how many courses or students you can have.

Kallyas LMS has great features such as:

  • Create unlimited courses using drag & drop builder. You can even import existing content from other websites into Kallyas!
  • Add video lectures or upload files directly into the course files section (which is private for each student). Students will be able to access these files immediately after registration, so they don’t have to wait until they start taking lessons before getting access to them!

The 5 Best WordPress Learning Management Systems (LMS) Plugins Compared

The 5 Best WordPress Learning Management Systems (LMS) Plugins Compared:

Moodle is one of the most popular LMS plugins and has been around since 2001. It’s completely free to use and has over 100,000 schools using it worldwide. You can easily add courses, quizzes, and other resources to your website with this plugin. The only downside is that there is no mobile app for Moodle yet, so if you’re looking for an LMS that works on mobile devices, this isn’t necessarily the best option. However, suppose you have a small budget or don’t mind paying someone else to develop a mobile app. In that case, Moodle could be worth considering since it has all of the functionality needed order to create an online learning platform without any additional add-ons needed!

Pros: Free; Huge community support with many tutorials available online; Lots of features included right out-of-the-box such as assessments & course creation toolsCons: No native mobile app currently available; Requires some technical knowledge before setting up


In conclusion, we have looked at 5 of the best WordPress¬† LMS plugins. Each of them offers something unique and different from the others. While some may be more suited to your needs than others, it’s important that you do your research before making any decisions about which one will work best for your project or business.